About Us


The Paradise Pearls

Paradise Pearls is a fun and interactive learning hub for everyone. Our mission is to inspire, impart useful knowledge and impact positively on others.

We believe in blended approach to learning; hence, we deliver regular interactive, educational classes and workshops with view to broadening attendees’ knowledge and experience.

Paradise Pearls product range also illustrates our ambition to reach out to the uniqueness of everyone and inspire faithful hearts.

Meet Umm Adnan

Ummu Adnan (Rahma Salako) is the founder of Paradise Pearls. She is a Qualified Accountant, an educator, student of Qur’an and a seeker of knowledge.

In addition to being awarded Distinction in MSc Professional Accountancy from University of London, she holds Diploma in the Science of Tajweed and actively studying towards Masters in Islamic Studies with Islamic Online University.

She organises interactive, creative and enjoyable workshops for children on wide range of subjects. She teaches Qur’an and Islamic studies in Northampton Islamic Centre as well as new Muslims (reverts) sisters in Northampton.

Umm Adnan authored Qur’an and Me, a Qur’an reflective journal. Qur’an and Me journal focuses on Self-Development and relationship with Qur’an. Indeed, her journal is a treasure chest of reminders with practical tips that simplify deep thinking and reflections on verses of Qur’an. She also runs an online Qur’an group, connecting sisters to art of daily recitation, reflection and journaling.

Umm Adnan has a vibrant personality and juggle her time between her home, teaching, studying and writing.


Our Vision

  • To provide an enabling environment where young ones will learn, discuss openly and have fun without compromising their religion.
  • To design products with a view to instilling love of Islam and Qur’an in all
  • To reach out to the uniqueness of everyone

Our Approach

  • Book and Reading club
  • Qur’an reflection sessions
  • Tailored group and teamwork activities
  • Adab and Akhlaq (Islamic Morals and ethics) sessions
  • Confidence building
  • Art and Crafts.
  • Organised fun and adventurous activities.
  • Unique product range

Our Values

Sincerity:  Seeking rewards only from Allah

Excellence: Striving to attain the best in whatever we do. Ihsan is the fruit and blossom of our tree.