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Creed and Creativity


I liked it because i learned that whatever you do Allah is always there. Your confidence should always be up too. Anything people say, it shouldn’t affect you. Malina

Regarding saturday lesson, it was a very informative lesson. It helped me reflect on my self-confidence and self-esteem. I learned about how I can change to be confident just by the way I stand, sit and act. I now know the meaning of successfullness and I will always remember these lessons that I learnt.

Thank you.


Maasha Allah sis. May Allah reward you all abundantly for organising this amazing event. I also learnt something about Maryam from my daughter.
Thus believe in oneself. Farida

Thank you for giving my girls a nice afternoon which they really enjoyed. They especially enjoyed the arts and craft session, the mugs and pins/bracelets. They also liked the lecture about Maryam and found it useful knowing the story in depth.
Thank you again, Alhamdulillah. Hakima

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